Friday, 20 September 2013

I love sex!

Hello, my name is Mandy and I am a Nymphomaniac.  I just can't get enough sex, either cock or pussy!  I love to experiment with all sorts of toys, dildos, nipple rings, butt plugs.  Some days, I just lie and play with my lovely, pink, dripping pussy for hours.  I love to stick a dildo up my fanny and another, smaller one, up my little pink botty and pull it out to feel that rush of air, just as I cum.  I've managed to shoot my cunt juice as far as a couple of feet so far, but I'm trying to improve on my record!

I love surprise sex.  The other day, just as I was practising my yoga my girlfriend Sue came in.  I was stuck in the prayer position.  I heard the little minx in my bedroom and the next ting I knew she was pulling down my shorts.  The next thing I felt was her hot breath on my little brown hole and next second she was licking my arsehole for all it was worth.  I have a particularly sensitive arsehole and soon I was moaning like some old whore in heat.  As soon as my arse was nice and wet I felt my little vibrator slide in and, oh, it was fucking ecstasy.  Christ I love my arsehole fucked!  Soon she had got underneath me and was licking my clit as if she was possessed.  I moved my position and pinned her to the ground with my legs.  "What the fuck are you doing", she said, but she soon knew as I started sliding my, by now, soaking wet fanny over her face and hair.  "Fuck my face you dirty slut", she just managed to get out before my brown, hairy cunt strangled the words in her mouth.  By this time, I was bursting for a pee and so I just let go covering her face and hair in love juice and pee.  It's a good job, I was on my yoga mat because I gave her the lot.  She was choking by this time, so rubbing my clit on her nose, I came and gave her another soaking!  What a mess she was in.  I rolled off.  "What about me", she squealed.  "Oh I have something special for you", I said as I pulled open her blouse to reveal her large, milky tits.  Her nipples were as erect as strawberries and I greedily sucked on them.  Next I undid her skirt and pulled off her knickers to reveal her shaved pussy with it's generous pink labia.  I fingered it in the usual wonderment as to how someone could have such a gorgeous pussy.  It was dripping already.  I lifted  one of her legs and slid my pussy next to hers and we rode each other for the next ten minutes until we both climaxed against each others crack.  We soon fell asleep, our pussies still entwined and that was how my boyfriend found us half an hour later!